Cybersecurity Conference

Cybersecurity Conference

The Cyber World Security Board held through its Beirut branch, the second cyber security conference at Le Royal Hotel – Dbayeh in cooperation with Beirut Premium Lions Club, sponsored by Lebanese Information & Technology Syndicate and in the presence of officers and representatives from the Lebanese Internal Security Forces.

The purpose of this conference is to disseminate and develop cybersecurity with the help of specialists in this field

The conference included two panels to discuss topics related to the risks of hacking and the methods used by hackers to launch an attack against internet users. In addition to cyber crime law and its importance in facing illegal hacking activities.

Topics raised by the Council:

  • 1- Social engineering and its dangers on Internet users
  • 2- Gaps adopted by hackers to hack systems
  • 3- Smart phones penetration testing
  • 4- Countermeasures to protect user privacy on the internet
  • 5- The importance of the Information Crime Law

Participants were honored by a certificate from the Cyber ​​Security board – London proving that the they acquired basic knowledge in cyber security.

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