Cybersecurity has occupied an enormous space in our daily life. In fact, most internet users are still unaware of the countermeasures implemented by security professionals to safeguard their existence on the internet. They consider it a waste of time since it affects the user experience on the world wide web. However, others think that cybersecurity is an essential part because it helps to overcome many obstacles that may hinder their work on the internet. For that, one of the board’s main roles is to empower knowledge in this field and develop the existence of cybersecurity by keeping a balance between security and the client according to their needs.

Cybersecurity certification is a very wide topic, it can change regular internet users into security professionals by offering them enough knowledge in different aspects of security, and support them academically and financially.


Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Our Board Cyber Security Certificate

  1. Convenient online formats allow you to balance your education and time with your work/life needs.
  2. Growing opportunity to reach advanced levels and gain a respective high position at our board.
  3. Supplying our clients with advanced technologies that permit them to maintain a professional career in the field of cybersecurity.
  4. Build up a modern way of thinking in the cyber world to deal with all ramifications of cyber risks.
  5. Participate in international cybersecurity projects and benefit from financial returns.
  6.  Participate in cybersecurity challenges.
  7. Professional Certifications are awarded to members as tangible recognition of their achievement.


Process Of Certification

The Cyber Security Certification Program involves the documentation of successful completion of appropriate courses and their associated examinations. Certification exams are open to all who are interested in cybersecurity field.

The courses and associated exams required for certification may be taken at any time or at stipulated time during the year. CWSB maintains permanent records of individual courses and exam completion.

Enroll in the program

You can register for the appropriate course and select the available course for you. Additionally, courses are taken as levels.

Attend the course and take the exam

When you attend or take your first course online, you have the opportunity to take your Professional Certification Exam immediately after the completion of the course.The exam tests your comprehension of each course objective and sub-objective, and your ability to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired.

Receive your exam results and Certificate

A minimum score of 50% is required for certification. A petition for re-examination can be filed and is encouraged for those not meeting the minimum score. Exam results can be found in the user dashboard and the certificate is delivered for our clients by post or collected from our office,