Security Risks  Create New Challenges

With the increasing use of technologies such as the cloud, big data, mobile, IoT and artificial intelligence in every area of business and society, greater challenges are created on the level of security, compliance, data protection, and regulations.

Organizations want to extract value from data, but the centralized nature of big data stores creates new security challenges; the data that was previously not delivering intelligence becomes an elevated security risk when correlated with personally identifiable data.

Mitigating the Threat

No security system is ever going to be perfect. Even if the underlying technology is robust, there will always be the potential for human error to derail the whole thing. It’s crucial to understand which threats you’re exposed to in order to formulate a response strategy.

The Board Cyber Security Challenges

Our certified members are capable of participating in cybersecurity challenges that the board proposes in the cyber medium. Challenges may occur monthly or yearly, it depends on the complication of the challenge available which includes multi-tasks to be achieved. The member participating in this challenge must be able to play the role of a cybersecurity consultant.


The winner of the cybersecurity challenge will be financially rewarded. The value of the reward will be according to the efficiency and effectiveness of the member participation in dealing with this challenge. Additionally, members will win a big opportunity to be one of the cybersecurity experts to participate in world-wide cyber challenges, gain a higher position at our board, and reach a good career that may change their future.