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People should be aware of technology as it comes with significant risks Insurance has an important role to play in protecting people against cyber threats. In fact, Individual cyber insurance market is estimated to grow up to USD 3.1 billion by 2025. 

Although the current market for personal cyber insurance is not yet well developed, customers seem to ask for insurance that help them mitigate their personal cyber risk. 

1.What is Individual Internet Insurance?
Individual Internet Insurance is an organized advanced strategic plan at the level of individuals that covers internet users from cyber threats. Cyber threats may lead to devastating results on the user’s personal and practical life.

2. Why is Individual Internet Insurance important?
According to many statistics done, half of people all around the world are becoming victims of cyber threats and they have no idea or reference on how to deal with these incidents. Our board will cover all cyber threats that will be listed in the policy through various techniques to provide best solutions and coverage for internet users.

3. Why do you need Individual Internet Insurance?
As we always plan to develop our safety on the internet, we ensure that people will find a reference when suffering from cyber threats, keep updated with the latest countermeasures to safeguard themselves, touch the feeling of safety, and underestimate the negative consequences through compensation.

4. Why does our company cover technical damages?
Our company is specialized in cybersecurity. We provide security services against hacking activities, provide data security, and software maintenance.

Please read our policy here before applying. 

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To apply, kindly visit this page here, and fill the required information. We will get back to you in 24 hours to fill up your application.

Insurance Cost
Identity Theft 120$
Compromised Accounts ( Two accounts for 100$ and 20$ extra for each added account) 100$
Cyber Extortion (200$ for one computer system and extra 40$ for each added computer system) 200$
Personal Data ( 100$ for one computer system and extra 30$ for each added computer system) 100$
Electronic Data (4 services for 250$ and 30$ for extra service) 250$
Reputation Damage 150$
Social Media Privacy (2 accounts for 60$ and 10$ extra for each added account) 60$
Online Privacy Liability 300$