Our board gives you the opportunity to enroll in our board by becoming a member. In fact, cybersecurity has never been a simple task. Attacks on security protocols evolve every day as attackers are becoming more and more creative with their efforts. Our membership can be the key to face attacks over the internet and develop security.


If you meet one of the following requirements, you can become a member at our board:

  1. You should be interested in cybersecurity culture.
  2. You have an ambition in facing hacking and internet fraud activities.
  3. You aim to develop your security skills and career.
  4. You aim to spread cybersecurity culture all over the world.
  5. Secure your self against hacking and illegal activities on the internet.

Benefits from membership

  1. Companies, NGO’s, or corporates can benefit from the board membership by gaining a free consultancy for their website security through a report done and delivered for them.
  2. Individuals gain free consultancy about their privacy on the internet.
  3. IT specialists, system administrators and any member related to the information technology field can be a candidate to participate in international projects related to cybersecurity and gain financial benefits.
  4. Our Clients have the authority to benefit from the board advanced and developed technologies.
  5. Get 30% discount on cybersecurity certification programs.
  6. Participate in international cybersecurity conferences.
  7. 30% on web development and security services.

To apply for membership kindly contact us or email us at