The board rules:

  1. The membership card obtained from the board cannot be used for personal purposes.
  2. The membership card must be renewed every year or deemed as invalid and cannot be used to benefit from the board services or new technologies.
  3. In case your card is lost please notify us immediately to protect your membership and avoid its usage from other people or you will be subjected to expulsion from the board.
  4. We refrain from giving the certificate or membership card at our office until the information provided by the owner during registration is verbally verified.
  5. The hierarchy in the board is applied in a sequential manner so that a member is not allowed to move towards an advanced level until the completion of the previous level.
  6. The members of the board must cooperate with each other in case the board requires group participation in issues dealing with cybersecurity.
  7. A request to place a title on a certificate or membership card other than the ordinary titles requires a document to prove that the member is eligible to use that title.
  8. Members of the board may participate in the submission of proposals for new projects in cybersecurity.
  9. The member shall not participate in the decision-making of the board unless authorized for him through an apostilled document delivered from the board.

The board commitments:

The board undertakes : 
  1. To abide by the services it provides to its members.
  2. To establish activities and strengthen capacities to enhance the skills of the members.
  3. To improve the financial conditions of members through participating in several issues raised by the board in the field of cybersecurity.
  4. To deliver the certificates and membership cards on time when requested by our members.