shed lights on the latest cyber risks affecting users in the cyber world, to spread up cybersecurity culture, provide opportunities for specialists to join our board, reach advanced levels, and develop their practical and intellectual skills. The participants will receive certificates and memberships to prove their merit and enrollment at the board.

The board highlights the most common aspects in Social Engineering, and the latest vulnerabilities that contribute in launching a successful devastating attack against CEO’s, engineers, NGO’s, companies, banks, IT specialists, legitimate users, and system administrators.

The board provides to the participants real live examples about corporates, CEO’s, and system administrators that were victims to cyber attacks, thus finalize the conference by the best countermeasures that will help in avoiding and handling these types of dangerous attacks.

The participant will be honored by a verified certificate issued from London and legally registered in the Cyber Security Board – UK which claims that the participant has achieved a basic knowledge in the mentioned Cyber Security topics.

The participant will gain a membership card from the Cyber World Security Board-London which claims that the participant is now a member in the board and has the authority to benefit from the board advanced and developed technologies.