Web Security

We can scan your website for vulnerabilities and generate a report about all the bugs in your code!

Web security is also known as “Cybersecurity”. It basically means protecting a website or web application by detecting, preventing and responding to cyber threats.

ebsites and web applications are just as prone to security breaches as physical homes, stores, and government locations. Unfortunately, cybercrime happens every day, and great web security measures are needed to protect websites and web applications from becoming compromised.

That’s exactly what web security does – it is a system of protection measures and protocols that can protect your website or web application from being hacked or entered by unauthorized personnel. This integral division of Information Security is vital to the protection of websites, web applications, and web services. Anything that is applied over the Internet should have some form of web security to protect it.

Web Security also protects the visitors from the below-mentioned points :

  • Stolen Data: Cyber-criminals frequently hacks visitor’s data that is stored on a website like email addresses, payment information, and a few other details.
  • Phishing schemes: This is not just related to email, but through phishing, hackers design a layout that looks exactly like the website to trick the user by compelling them to give their sensitive details. 
  • Session hijacking: Certain cyber attackers can take over a user’s session and compel them to take undesired actions on a site.
  • Malicious redirects. Sometimes the attacks can redirect visitors from the site they visited to a malicious website.
  • SEO Spam. Unusual links, pages, and comments can be displayed on a site by the hackers to distract your visitors and drive traffic to malicious websites.