Cyber World Security Board Corporation was launched in in the United Kingdom of Great Britain – London from a group of professional experts that aims to develop technology services all over the world.

We provide advanced and high quality projects related to technology at affordable prices. The board provides through its experts web applications and responsive web design services using the latest and proven web technologies. However, we ensure advanced security levels and permanent follow-up to ensure the absence of any risks. Our web development experts provide professional and secure coding to satisfy our clients. In professional web development services, we follow up with our clients to ensure we meet all the requirements related to our customers’ needs.

C.E.O : Mr. Mohammad Nasrallah


Thanks to our experts that work professionally to achieve every project. We are the only one who lead you to the correct path !


Our Services

Web Applications

Your business needs a web application and a website! We have the solution !

Cyber & Technology Conferences

The board organizes conferences related to technology field.

Web Security

You have got hacked ? We can secure your web application!

Courses & Certification

The board provides cyber security consultant course. You will become a cyber security consultant!

Our Location